When we began our own journey into the medical industry, we quickly recognized how stiff the competition was for a seat in medical school, which has become nearly impossible to do these days, especially in one’s own home country. We have been there and we would never wish it on anyone again!

Online Premed was founded in 2020 with the mission of readying all medical students for not just their entrance exams, but the entire medical career ahead of them. Our goal is to helpĀ  100 students get accepted into medical schools around Europe each year; to do so, we carefully cultivated partnerships with various universities and facilities all over the continent. This way, we are confident that the school you are attending will be the successful beginning your career needs.

That is why we tirelessly worked to create Online Premed; what began as a simple preparation guide blossomed into the comprehensive premedical course that it is today. We offer high-quality preparation and execution in our classes that cover all the info you need to prepare for your entrance exams. Our course empowers each student to travel and study abroad because of its globally based mindset and existing relationships with universities all across Europe. Learn new languages, make new friends, and immerse yourself in new cultures all while preparing for your medical career.

At Online Premed, we remain determined to make our course offering(s)Ā accessible to all those interested in the medical field. Our sole focus is to ensure that each and every student is accepted to pursue medical courses. We also ensure that our students are completely satisfied with the university they are eventually accepted to, visiting them at least one after they are accepted to check in, keeping their wellbeing as our number one priority.

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MD. Durckheim Blessing

Founder & CEO

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Dario Petrovic

Co-Founder & CMO

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Abraham Eishow


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