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Did you know that the city of Kaunas is famous for its Interwar architecture? It is the only city in the world where so much of the architecture and style of the buildings has survived for so long. The city even received the European Heritage label!

Founded in 1919!

The medical academy of LSMU was founded in 1919 and is today one of the most popular universities to study in among European students!

WHO-certified collaboration center

LSMU has a very good international reputation of high quality education and teachers. The school is even officially a part of WHO-certified collaboration center for research in epidemiology, cardiovascular diseases and other chronic non-communicable diseases!

Requirements LSMU

  • To be admitted to LSMU, you must have a university qualification with good knowledge of English. You must also have a completed entrance exam in chemistry and biology
  • It is also possible to enter on the basis of grades, in which case you must have at least a B in Chemistry 2 and Biology 2

Admission information

You will first be interviewed, and then an individual assessment is made as to whether you need to do the entrance exam or not

6 Years

  • MEDICINE - MSc in Health Sciences, Doctor
  • VETERINARY - MSc in Veterinary Sciences, Veterinary Doctor

5 Years

  • ODONTOLOGY - MSc in Health Sciences, Doctor Odontologist
  • PHARMACY - MSc in Health Sciences, Pharmacist

Taught in

  • English

Entrance exams

  • Yes

Start-up period

  • Autumn

Course prices

Other expenses

  • Application fee €150
  • Registration fee €250
  • Deposit (after admission) €1000


  • The first year students can apply for accommodation in the LSMU dormitory. The rent is 
    €170 - €200 /month
  • Rent of an apartment in the city (second hand contract)
    ~ €200 - €500 /month
  •  Accommodation LSMU

Course prices


Course prices

€13,500 / 1-4 study year

€14,000 / 5th study year


Course prices

€8,000 / 1-3 study year

€9,220 / 4th study year

€10,000 / 5-6 study year


Course prices

€13,500 / 1-4 study year

€14,000 / 5th study year


Course prices

€5,600 / study year

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